Glide Free Foils

 A World first - easy foiling for everyone!!
 >  Experience the excitement of foiling your dinghy!!
>  Everyone can now experience the thrill of foiling!
 >  Launch easily off the beach in shallow water  
 Simple to attach - clips on to your existing boat
 >  Unique fully integrated wand
 >  Easily retractable foils
 >  Retrofit our foiling kits to your dinghy today!... 
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Glide Free Design is pleased to announce the launch of Glide Free Foils for Laser dinghies

Available now:           Order here!

Glide Free – Platinum Distributor :
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Laser Center Switzerland  

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> Germany -  Laser Deutschland Ziegelmayer  Ziegelmeyer
> Italy -  Negri Nautica  Negri Nautica

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Glide Free Foils win major international award..

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Special Features
> Fully integrated wand, no special attachments
> Fully retractable foils - both centreboard and rudder
> No fixings or modifications to your existing boat
> Utilize the existing rudder box - 3 piece foiling kit
> Launch in knee deep water and sail away!

Displacement Sailing
> Foils in place - not lifting
> Sail as a standard dinghy
> Easy to sail away from the beach
> Nicely balanced light helm
> Low drag neutral foil
> More stable than a standard Laser dinghy
> Excellent performance even in light winds

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