Customer Projects

Aero dinghy

Andrew Giles of Mildura in Australia approached Glide Free Foils to adapt our foiling kit to his RS Aero dinghy.

He sent details of the centrecase dimensions and drawings of a proposed centrecase insert.

Glide Free Foils has developed a standard kit for the Aero based on Andrew’s initiative.

As the Aero is half the weight of a Laser dinghy, it takes off more easily, in around 6-7kts of wind with the 9sqm rig.

O'pen Bic dinghy

Harald von Sydnow of Hawaii bought a set of foils for his Laser, then saw the potential to provide kids at his club with the same thrill. 

He set about adapting his foils to an O’pen Bic dinghy himself, with a plywood insert

Glide Free Foils has since developed a standard kit for the O’pen Bic dinghy based on Harald’s initiative.

As the Bic is much smaller than a Laser, it is better suited to children.