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Adjustable ride height

With the wand fully raised you can sail in displacement mode just like a normal dinghy. Get the feel of the boat and experience the fun of planing upwind and down on this great little dinghy. 

Lower the wand a little and the boat starts to lift in "Glide" mode. You start to feel the foils working and can get used to the change in balance without leaving the water. Glide mode is especially safe & easy to sail in strong breezes.


Lower the wand further and you start to leave the water surface, foiling low and safe, easy to manage. Nikki skims just above the waves allowing you to "get the feel" of foiling. 

As you gain in confidence, lower the wand further to increase your ride height. Now you can practice gybing and tacking.

At any time you can instantly lower the boat to the water surface, even from out on the wings. This is a major safety device to slow the boat when needed.