Order your foiling kit

One complete kit of Glide Free foils suitable for your sailing dinghy including: 

Glide Free Foils - includes: Centrecase insert & retaining hook, gear block & toggle pin, Centreboard with integral wand, Main lifting foil, Rudder, Rudder lifting foil.
Carry bags - includes a set of three high quality padded carry bags for Centreboard foils, Rudder foils and Centrecase Insert.
Rudder stock - high strength rudder stock fits the standard Laser fittings, essential for foiling - includes, thrust washer, height adjusting washers, locking 
      pin, retaining clip and quick tighten wing nut. 
Tiller - fits the high strength rudder stock and allows the blade to fully retract. Includes cleat and standard tiller extension fitting.

* Gantry - The Open Bic kit includes a gantry for the back of the boat

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