glide free foils

Foiling kits for your dinghy

Glide Free foiling kits supercharge your dinghy. No need to invest in a new boat.
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Aero dinghy foiling kit

Melges 14 dinghy foiling kit

O'pen Bic dinghy foiling kit

Laser dinghy foiling kit

Glide Free foiling kit

Detachable kit ready to sail in minutes.
Launch in shallow water from your trolley.
Foils are fully retractable.

Centrecase insert guides the retactable foil into the boat 

Safety hook engages with the centreboard handle to retain the board
Gearblock sets the lift

Lifting foils are retractable and simply unclip for storage

High quality padded bags for Centreboard, Rudder and all components 

Features of Glide Free Foils

Retrofit our foiling kits to your dinghy today!…