How To manuals

Glide Free Foils provides extensive documentation including documents, manuals and videos to assist you with setting up and using Glide Free Foils with your boat. 

Instruction videos:

Glide Free Foils Video

First time foiling Video

Aero easy reaching

How to: Fit the gear block

How to: Attach the safety clip

How to: Attach the rudder

How to: Attach the tiller

How to: Operate the rudder

How to: Attach the rudder lifting foil

How to: Insert the tiller

How to: Lock the rudder down

How to: Set the rudder trim

How to: Attach the centreboard lifting foil

How to: Insert the centreboard

How to: Engage the centreboard

How to: Insert the centrecase

How to: Insert Toggler bolts on Aero dinghy

Minorca Sailing how to set up your Aero

Foiling Aero - YouTube Videos:

Aero easy take off

Foiling Aero overtaking Laser

Overtaking Laser and Aero from chase boat

RS Aero on foils - buzzing the boat

RS Aero foiling upwind

Aero foiling upwind

Aero upwind

Aero easy reaching

Aero foiling past RS100 fleet

Glide Free foiling kit

Detachable kit ready to sail in minutes.
Launch in shallow water from your trolley.
Foils are fully retractable.