Laser on foils

Experience the thrill of foiling your Laser at up to 23kts with your Glide Free Foils

You already own your boat, simply clip on our foiling kit and fly!

The kit has been specifically designed for Laser dinghies.

Making the seemingly impossible practical!

  • Experience the thrill of foiling on your own dinghy!!

  • No need to invest in an expensive new boat, these foils retrofit to your existing dinghy, just clip on and go!

  • Fully integrated sensor wand, no special attachments, cables or modifications to your existing boat

  • Fully retractable foils - launch & retrieve in knee deep water

  • Lifts out and glides free of the water in 10-12kts of wind

  • Robust one-design construction, suited to all ages, weights and skill levels.

  • More stable than a standard Laser dinghy

  • Foil in up to 25kts with a 4.7 rig when others can't!

The kit contains:

  • Glide Free Foils - includes: Centrecase insert & retaining hook, gear block & toggle pin, Centreboard with integral wand, Main lifting foil, Rudder, Rudder lifting foil.

  • Carry bags - includes a set of three high quality padded carry bags for Centreboard foils, Rudder foils and Centrecase Insert.

  • Rudder stock - high strength rudder stock fits the standard Laser fittings, essential for foiling - includes, thrust washer, height adjusting washers, locking pin, retaining clip and quick tighten wing nut. 

  • Tiller - fits the high strength rudder stock and allows the blade to fully retract. Includes cleat and standard tiller extension fitting.

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Test sail and Training centres

A key part of learning to foil is good instruction right from the beginning.

We recommend the RYA Foiling Courses conduced at RYA centres.

You can also visit the Andrew Simpson Foundation coaching centres such as Lake Garda where you can test sail a foiling Laser, Aero. Melges 14 or Bic today, all using our Glide Free Foiling kits.

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