Glide Free Design has invented and patented a unique foiling system which solves many of the key issues with rigging, launching, sailing, performance and safety of foiling craft. At the heart of the system is a unique fully articulated foil with a floating pushrod. This system is applicable to both dinghies and multihulls.

The key elements of the Glide Free patent are:

* The lifting foils have no flap, which significantly reduces drag from both the joint and flap

* The entire lifting foil is automatically maintained at its optimum angle of attack, producing lowest possible drag at all times.

* The lifting foil floats freely when the boat is pitched bow down, preventing tripping and pitchpoling.

* If breaching occurs, the entire foil surface acts to lift the boat, significantly reducing a crash, with flow re-attaching quickly.  
* When disengaged, the foils pivot freely in the water, reducing drag in light air and displacement sailing

* With the foils disengaged the boat can be towed safely in displacement mode. 

* There is no need for an adjustable rudder twist grip control.   

* The control system is always in compression, so there is no play or slack in linkages which can adversely affect control 

* The centreboard can be simply raked for & aft to engage and disengage the foil

* The foils can automatically disengage while absorbing impact in case of hitting an object, acting as a safety release.

* As the pushrod is not 'connected', the lifting foil can be easily clipped on & off for easy rigging, launching and storage.

* The clip-on foils enable the vertical centreboard and rudder to be conveniently inserted from above, eliminating the need to tip the boat over to rig and launch

* Retractable foils can be easily launched from a trolley in knee deep water.

* The entire Glide Free foiling system is simple and easy to construct, consisting of just 3 moving parts, being a articulated foil, a wand with cam and pushrod, which can be easily integrated into the centreboard.

* As the weight of the hull provides the backforce to push the wand against the water, no eleastic or control is required.

* The back pressure on the wand is automatically reduced when in displacement mode, further reducing drag from the wand 


We are pleased to announce that we have now issued our first licence agreement with Skeeta Foiling Craft to use our patented technology.      

If you are interested to use our Glide Free kits or our patented foiling system on your boat, please give us a call to discuss your own needs.

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