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Nikki comes in a box

Meet Nikki

Oh yeah!


All the gear

The full Nikki kit

Fully protected

All the foils

Flat pack trolley

Nikki Trolley

Ready to go!

Clip together

Clip the wings on

Clip on wings

Slide the wings in

Wings come with covers fitted

Ride high for speed

Fully adjustable ride height

Adjust the wand from the wings

Ride low & safe to learn

Insert centreboard & rudder from above

Clip on foils

Lifting foils clip on/off

Retracted rudder foil

Clip on vang

Clip on controls

Clip on mainsheet

Clip on outhaul

Stable & easy to sail

Stable, Robust & unsinkable

Foam core, epoxy construction, no bungs or bailing

Stable even at anchor

Load on top of your car

Easily transported

Check in at departures

Load oversized baggage

Launch from the trolley with foils raised

Easy to launch

Sail away in shallow water then lower the foils

Wheel to the water

Take off in light air

Nikki is simply a fun foiling dinghy

Upwind foiling on wings

Fast reaching

Lean to take off

Nikki is also for girls & women 

The speed blows your mind and hat!

....and away she goes!