O'pen Bic on foils

The O’pen Bic dinghy is suitable for younger skippers and is now possible to foil with a Glide Free Kit.

​It takes off in 10-12kts of wind and can be sailed in both displacement and foiling modes.

​Suitable for skilled young sailors looking for that extra thrill!

​You can disengage the foils for towing or sailing home in light or heavy conditions.

Making foiling available to children

The kit contains:


How to Manual

Glide Free Foils provides extensive documentation including documents, manuals and videos... read more

Coaching tips and tricks

Glide Free Foils also provides coaching support and tips including Technical articles and... read more

Technical support

Foils deflect the water downwards as the boat moves forward – the upper surface also sucks the water... read more

Test sail and Training centres

A key part of learning to foil is good instruction right from the beginning. We recommend the RYA Foiling Courses conduced at RYA centres.

You can also visit the Andrew Simpson Foundation coaching centres such as Lake Garda where you can test sail a foiling Laser, Aero. Melges 14 or Bic today, all using our Glide Free Foiling kits.