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Nikki F6.5 Foiling Dinghy

Length: 2.9m/9'6"

Hull width: 1.02m/3.35ft

Wing width: 1.8m/6.0ft

Hull weight: 25Kg / 55lbs
Sail Area 6.5sqm / 70 sqft

Sailor weight range: 25-65Kg / 55-143lbs


Standard items included with the boat:

# Aluminium collapsible beach trolley

# Black anodised alloy boom

# 2-piece carbon mast 5.2m

# 6.5sqm pocket luff mylar sail

# Centreboard & rudder insert tips

# Padded foil bag

# Padded mast bag

# Padded full hull cover

# Padded hiking straps

# Transport box

Nikki F6.5 Foiling Dinghy

  • The price is in Australian dollars for the complete boat and all standard items. This price excludes shipping, local duties & taxes.

    For details on these costs, contact Glide Free Design