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Foiling Kits


Glide Free Develops and Sells Foiling kits.

Glide Free Foiling kits enable your dinghy to fly! The one versatile kit is suitable for Laser, Aero, Open Bic, Melges 14 dinghies and more.

The Glide Free Advantage

Technical information
Foils deflect the water downwards as the boat moves forward – the upper surface also sucks the water down, both effects create lift, sufficient to lift the entire boat clear of the water.
Training & Coaching

Glide Free Foils believes that learning to use our Glide Free Foils on dinghies requires perseverance, akin to learning to sailboard. Support and training to produce the best results for our customers.

Foiling kits for your dinghy

Glide Free foiling kit

Glide Free Kits

Glide Free foiling kits supercharge your dinghy. No need to invest in a...

Aero Foils

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Laser Foils

Experience the thrill of foiling your Laser at up to 23kts with your...

O'pen BIC Foils

The O’pen Bic dinghy is suitable for younger skippers and is now...

Melges 14 Foils

The Melges 14 dinghy is a versatile dinghy suitable for 1 or 2 people...

Glide Free Foils

How To Manuals

Glide Free Foils provides extensive documentation including documents, manuals and videos to assist you with setting up and using Glide Free Foils with your boat. 

Instruction videos


Foiling Aero Videos


Glide Free Foils

Coaching support

Glide Free Foils also provides coaching support and tips including Technical articles and Short action videos for your assistance and support.

Technical articles

Short action videos

Magazine technical articles

How to manuals